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Ajax For Dummies

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Ajax in Action

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Ajax Patterns and Best Practices

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This book gives an excellent
Ajax Hacks provides direct,
Ajax in Action helps you
Ajax Patterns and Best
tutorial on how to use the
hands-on solutions that take
implement that thinking--it
Practices explores dynamic
various components such as
the mystery out of Ajax's
explains how to distribute
web applications that
JavaScript, XML, CSS and
many capabilities. Each hack
the application between the
combine Ajax and REST as a
others to create what might
represents a clever way to
client and the server (hint:
single solution. A major
be called an Ajax page. It
accomplish a specific task,
use a "nested MVC"
advantage of REST is that
also gives a wide series of
saving you countless hours
design) while retaining the
like Ajax, it can be used
URLs to go to for the most
of searching for the right
integrity of the system. You
with today's existing
current information and
answer.A smart collection of
will learn how to ensure
technologies. This is an
80 insider tips and tricks,
your app is flexible and
ideal book whether or not
Ajax Hacks covers all of the
maintainable, and how good,
you have already created an
technology's finer points.
structured design can help
Ajax application. Because
avoid problems like browser
the book outlines various
patterns and best practices,
you can quickly check and
verify that you're building
an efficient Ajax

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006
This practical hands-on guide
An easy example that shows
Foundations of Ajax explains
Professional Ajax discusses
for first-time AJAX users
how to build a page with a
how to combine these
the range of request brokers
will walk you through
bunch of downloads if you DO
technologies effectively to
(including the hidden frame
building multiple AJAX
NOT what the users to know
implement Ajax into your new
technique, iframes, and
applications, with each
the exact path where all of
or existing Web
XMLHttp) and explains when
application highlighting a
your files are stored. Also
applications. Like you, we
one should be used over
different strength and use
learn how to make a
are developers who are
another. You will also learn
of AJAX. Applications
downloads counter!
"in the trenches,"
different Ajax techniques
include a chess game, an app
tasked with building
and patterns for executing
for refining searches on
Web-enabled applications
client-server communication
Amazon/Google/eBay without
that provide real value to
on your web site and in web
reloading an entire page and
our customers. As the Web
applications. By the end of
a blog system that uses
continues to grow, the
the book, you will have
drag-n-drop features.
demand for more expressive
gained the practical
Throughout the text, the
and engaging interfaces will
knowledge necessary to
author stresses usability,
continue to increase.
implement your own Ajax
accessibility, and graceful
solutions. In addition to a
degradation for older,
full chapter case study
less-capable web browsers.
showing how to combine the
book's Ajax techniques into
an AjaxMail application,
Professional Ajax uses many
other examples to build
hands-on Ajax experience.

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Jan, 23 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006

Date: Nov, 10 2006
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